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Destination Fly Shop

We are a destination fly shop which means we have most of the stuff you might have forgot to pack. We carry a large assortment of locally tied, seasonal flies as well as a large stock of standard issue flies.  The "shop" also carries a healthy supply of indicators, leader, tippet, and just about every other accessory for fly fishing.  Along with the fly gear you can find plenty of spin fishing gear ranging from hooks, line, splits, Rapalas, spoons, and jigs. 

Fishing gear isn't the only thing you'll find in our store though.  We carry all kinds of Rim Shoals Resort souvenirs like Tee's, ball caps, coffee mugs, shot glasses, and koozies.  Along with all the stuff you can purchase, you can find a wealth of free information as well.  Our staff very friendly and well educated on water flow and what the current fishing trends are.  Feel free to stop by and chat it up with us and we'll be glad to tell you what the hot flies are, what the water is doing, where and how to fish the hot spots and less traveled fishing holes.  We've always got fishing stories to tell!